Santa Claus: An IR and Economic Analysis

Critical analysis on Santa from Ian Bremmer, Niall Fergusen, Donal Rumsfeld, Jennifer Rubin, and Anne-Marie Slaughter

Santa is the most damning piece of evidence yet that we live in a G-Zero world. This stateless actor commands a vast intelligence apparatus, an apparent slave army of little people, and is not above working animals long past their breaking point. By any stretch of the imagination, he’s a rogue actor. And yet, despite these flagrant violations of international norms, there isn’t even a nascent effort to combat, contain or regulate his activities. The G-20 continues to dither, revealing itself yet again as toothless and pointless. This would never have happened back when the U.S. was the hegemon!!

via When foreign policy pundits analyze Santa Claus | Daniel W. Drezner.

And NPR’s Planet Money uncovers through a detailed analysis of logistics, manufacturing and other organizational requirements that Santa Inc. would need 12 million employees–if it wasn’t for magic.


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