Best Blogs to Follow Diplomacy and UN Issues

A few of the better diplomacy blogs to add to your gReader regular reading:

  1. Big Think | Power Games by Ali Wyne of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs covers big questions such as the future of power, resolving the South China Sea Dispute, and more.
  2. Turtle Bay by Washington Post reporter Colum Lynch is the must-read source for insider reports from the UN global HQ on 1st avenue in New York.
  3. The Internationalist by Stewart Patrick at the Council on Foreign Relations blends new theoretical and policy developments with an approach grounded in academics and policy.
  4. Global Observatory from the International Peace Institute offers astute commentary in digestible short articles.  Follow “united nations” as well as other
  5. The Multilateralist by David Bosco navigates the layers of complex bureaucracy within international organizations.  Second great source via

Other worthy but more specialized options include pass blue on peaceekeeping and other UN issues by CUNY, What’s In Blue on the Security Council, and of course the usual news sources–especially the Economist, FT, Wall Street Journal, New York Times/IHT.

Suggestions for other must reads?


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