Khaled Meshal, Hamas Leader, Delivers Defiant Speech at Anniversary Celebration –

Hamas doubles down:

“We will never recognize the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation, and therefore there is no legitimacy for Israel, no matter how long it will take,” he said. “We will free Jerusalem inch by inch, stone by stone. Israel has no right to be in Jerusalem.” He also promised Palestinian prisoners held in Israel that they would be freed using the same methods that had worked in the past — the kidnapping of Israelis and Israeli soldiers, like Gilad Shalit, who was released last year in a prisoner exchange after five years as a hostage.

Mr. Meshal’s harsh words reflected longstanding Hamas principles rather than new, specific threats toward Israel. But they will only reinforce Israel’s belief that Hamas is its enemy and intends to continue to use military force to reach its goals.

via Khaled Meshal, Hamas Leader, Delivers Defiant Speech at Anniversary Celebration –


2 thoughts on “Khaled Meshal, Hamas Leader, Delivers Defiant Speech at Anniversary Celebration –”

  1. This is an interesting approach to demonstrate the moral equivalency of Palestine’s right to the land of Israel as opposed to Israel’s right. As someone once said “If you want peace, you work for peace. If you want war, you can get war; but do not complain when civilians are collateral damage.” The fact that Mr. Meshal says violence should come before diplomacy should be a major cause of concern to everyone involved. Unfortunately, to someone who has such radical views as Mr. Meshal it is next to impossible to negotiate with them because of past grievances and perceived injustices. Those who are involved in mediating this dispute will need to possess many of the diplomatic skill discussed by Courtney Smith in our textbook, specifically: flexibility, adaptability, perseverance, intelligence, and courage.

  2. A speech like Meshaal’s kind of throws diplomacy out the window. He did nothing but make threats and vow to hurt Israelis, even innocent Israelis. The man isn’t looking for a peaceful solution, he’s looking to build support for himself and the terrorist organization that he runs. His speech drew tens of thousands of extremists to Gaza , and with the kind of violent rhetoric that they came to support it’s pretty clear that the ceasefire won’t last long. I don’t know exactly where I stand on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and I don’t know all of the factors that led up to the continual violence that we see between the two parties, but as long as Hamas leads to fight to overthrow Israel’s influence in the region I’m afraid that the violence will get continually worse.

    Israeli officials have made a point of saying that there is no guarantee of Meshaal’s safety as he continues to spread his agenda of hate and violence.

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