International Relations as Depicted by Cats

Because its cats and international relations. Enjoy.


One thought on “International Relations as Depicted by Cats”

  1. Aww, cats! At first I didn’t know how to comment on this post, but then I started thinking about what the meme culture could mean for government and international relations. I think the meme culture reflects the fact that people are highly visual, especially in the age of computers and smartphones. Memes can have a powerful effect because they send both a visual and a written message. From what I’ve observed, memes made to criticize the government can have a large impact because they can trivialize a government official’s position or an aspect of their personality. This is even more evident when memes about government leaders are made with unflattering pictures that go against the image of themselves that they’re trying to portray. When animals are used in memes they’re typically just silly, but I think using actual pictures of politicians and pairing them with derogatory phrases can harm an official’s authoritative, credible image.

    That being said, here’s a link to one of my favorite government memes:

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