Gaza Violence Is Unabating as Other Nations Push for Truce –

Blasts in Gaza and in Israel as the conflict moves steadily toward all-out war:

Sharon Galili, a lawyer who has 3-year-old twins and a 5-year-old, drove to his office in Ashdod but after 90 minutes and four or five rocket alerts, sent his staff home and returned to his family in the nearby village of Aseret.

“The children are terrified,” he said. “Every noise they hear — a truck or motorcycle — they ask if there is an alert. You feel their fear. We are not right-wing or left-wing; we just want quiet. The situation is surrealistic, but that is the reality we live in.”

There are no warning sirens here in the Gaza Strip, where the wee hours of Sunday were punctuated by airstrikes as well as a series of missiles fired from Israeli Navy vessels off the coast.

via Gaza Violence Is Unabating as Other Nations Push for Truce –

Who is in charge?  The question of leadership among Arab states will be tested and also critical to a peaceful resolution of the problem in a new lineup of regional heads of state. And maybe, as Daniel Kurtzer argues, this is the time for the US to step up and push the peace process once again.


2 thoughts on “Gaza Violence Is Unabating as Other Nations Push for Truce –”

  1. I think one of the most interesting things will be to see how Egypt responds to this conflict. So far, Mohammed Morsi has vocalized support for Gaza and criticized Israel, but as the conflict progresses, and if Israel launches a ground invasion, I wonder how far Egypt will go to support Gaza. Since 1979, when Anwar al-Sadat met and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem signed a peace treaty, Egypt and Israel have remained peaceful and have even called each other “friends”. But now with Morsi and the new Muslim Brotherhood in power, will Egypt continue to stand by its peace treaty? Or will pressure from other anti-Israel Arab countries push them over the top? But Egypt knows that financial aid from the US and the international community is dependent upon their keeping of it.

  2. There were rumors today of a cease-fire agreement. Senior Egyptian officials said Israel and Hamas were very close to an agreement that could be announced with hours. No official announcement has been made as of this evening. Israeli officials denied claims by Egypt and Hamas that a truce had been agreed from 7 pm GMT. Other nations have become involved in negotiating for a cease-fire; Secretary of State Clinton traveled to Israel to take part in diplomatic efforts. Egypt seems like it has been highly involved. The United States does not engage directly with Hamas so Egypt’s influence with Hamas will be important in coming up with a solution.

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