Ignatius on the Petraeus affair’s resulting witch hunt

Whither Bengazi?  The Petraeus hearing seems to offer  new information–that the CIA consider the attacks in Libya as a terrorist incident. Now the question remains whether Ambassador Rice–serving at the UN–was unfairly criticized, a Democratic contention, was this a communications error, or something more sinister.  The military timeline is now established. We shall see as this evolves.

For the bigger picture, a notable WaPo columnist offers this global context:

The idea seems to have developed that the CIA and the military work equally for Congress and for the executive branch. They don’t. They work for the president, who is commander in chief. Congress appropriates the money and has a legitimate role in overseeing how it’s spent. But the idea that these scandals demonstrate the need for greater congressional involvement in sensitive investigations is preposterous.

The day Petraeus resigned, I received an e-mail from an Arab intelligence contact who expressed what surely has been going through the minds of many people around the world. I will quote it precisely, punctuation and all: “He needs to resign cause he has an affair? What da hell??? He is brilliant!!!! Why like this????”

Petraeus is gone, but the hunt for miscreants is still gathering force. For a reminder of why it’s dangerous, take a look at “The Crucible” and the lessons of history.

via David Ignatius: The Petraeus affair’s resulting witch hunt – The Washington Post.


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