UN History Project Opens at Harvard University | UN Dispatch

A new resource for courses on the UN as well as Model UN programs.  Thanks, Harvard.

Attention all UN enthusiasts and history buffs: a new project collecting archival history of the United Nations and international institutions launched yesteday at Harvard University. The UN History Project will be ground zero for historians, teachers, and anyone who wants to delve deep into the history of the UN.

“Research done about the UN has by and large been by political scientists or economists,” says project coordinator Dr Heidi J. S. Tworek, Lecturer on History and Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies at Harvard University. “It has not been done much by historians.”

via UN History Project Opens at Harvard University | UN Dispatch.


One thought on “UN History Project Opens at Harvard University | UN Dispatch”

  1. I am really impressed and excited by this new project. I think it is important because not a very large portion of the general public knows what goes on inside the rooms of the UN, and this source will make that information much more readily available to anyone. Because the UN is such an important body that promotes international cooperation, I am glad that the world will now have increased access to what it has done to solve conflicts and promote peace in the past. International education is not done very well in the US. I agree with this quote from the following article that says,

    “International education is important because exchanges are critical to developing mutual understanding and respect and building leadership abroad”

    I hope that this new project will help promote these values, especially in America.


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