A Global Take on the US Election

Lots of takeaways and morning-after quarterbacking, from Friedman on how his globalization 2.0 world view needs to be incorporated as a policy agenda, E.J Dionne Jr. on the Obama strategy that worked, Electoral College complaints and comparisons, and some of the global issues that are happening right now.  (I’m pretty sure none of you were distracted from them by the election.)

Finally, here’s what informed observers and analysts from around the world have to say about the re-election of President Obama via The World on Obama – NYTimes.com.


2 thoughts on “A Global Take on the US Election”

  1. It still amazes me how involved the rest of the world gets in US politics. It’s easy for us to forget here in America that US presidential elections may often affect other countries more than their own elections will affect them. According to this article, most regions have breathed a sigh of relief over the reinstatement of Obama because now they won’t have to start over again with a new president. Although there will be no dramatic switch in foreign relations, Obama has yet to prove his administration as a key player in worldwide relations. Many regions expect cooperation with Obama, comfortably avoiding the monotonous task of creating treaties. However, if the US does not begin to assert its influence more in the worldwide arena, we may lose some of the influence that we have so painstakingly developed. Particularly in the Middle East the President’s policies are especially blurred. As the Taliban begins to rise to power and the revolutions rock the Middle East, the need for a reliable, strong US ally is great. Obama will have many great opportunities to spread US influence during his second term. All that’s left now is to wait and see if he’ll seize the opportunities.

    Here’s an article from the New York Times that shows reactions around the globe to Obama’s re-election.

  2. Plus it helps that Obama is well liked with most of our allies. Though I wasn’t particularly pleased about the President being re-elected, I don’t mind so much when it comes for foreign policy. In my personal opinion, what he already was doing overseas, was already good, and it will be nice to have a consistent eight years in that respect. The biggest this I worry about with Mr. Obama and foreign policy is how he has undermined, to an extent, our image as the most powerful country in the world. Not only are our economic problems yet to be resolved, but he also decreased quite a bit of military, and also settled for a much weaker nuclear defense program than was proposed by Bush. I have yet to decide if these things will be for better or worse.

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