Supporting Pakistanis, Stopping the Taliban – Room for Debate –

Still stunned by the attempted murder of Malala, the 14 year old girl who wanted other girls to be able to go to school?  A friend of mine is already one of many offering to take are of her if she can get the US; this quickly and justly turned into a cause celebre as well as something that has infuriated many of us.

Room for Debate takes six informed observers, including the former Pakistani Ambassador to the US, Hussain Haqqani to explore what can be done:

  1. The West Should Not Disengage
  2. Compassion for Pakistan
  3. Slow and Sensitive Wins the Race
  4. Define Who Is the Enemy
  5. Think Globally, Act Locally
  6. Offer Protection and Launch a Campaign




One thought on “Supporting Pakistanis, Stopping the Taliban – Room for Debate –”

  1. Almost everyone I can think of has the same reaction to this horrible event, that it is just that, horrible. No precedent exists for the type of response we now see on a global level. Gruesome attacks have taken place before on high-profile politicians and school girls alike, involving acid attacks, bombings, and assassinations, but for some reason Malala’s plight has caught everyone’s attention.

    That’s great. Now what?

    Your guess is better than mine, but I hope this international outrage transforms into effective action with equal, if not greater, intensity. This particular piece illustrates the glimmer of hope for action we can take away from this terrifying attack:

    Some suggest more international assistance, either in military aid or through NGOs . Others suggest that we take a more gradual approach. The general consensus points to Pakistani government and citizens taking ownership of this fight against the Taliban, for their own sovereignty and national security. We can help without denying them this opportunity to secure their own blessings of liberty. Maybe a more coordinated effort between ISAF in Afghanistan and Pakistani forces will “pinch” the Taliban out of existence, leaving them with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. I understand that this is overly optimistic, but then again, so was Malala.

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