Does the UN Need a New Set of Global Goals? Discuss.

Join the conversation on Twitter, posted via Andrew C. Revkin, former NYT reporter who is working on “making information work” as a senior fellow for environmental understanding at Pace University (an exciting and remarkable undertaking…).  He asks if we need new global goals for the Top Billion?

Here’s the Twitter flow around a special session I’ve been running this morning at the United Nations, called Conceptualizing a Set of Sustainable Development Goals

via A U.N. Discussion Seeks a New Set of Global Goals –



4 thoughts on “Does the UN Need a New Set of Global Goals? Discuss.”

  1. The Rio+20 Conference is really important to determine coherent and sustainable development ideas. This is not the first time in which countries gathered to set rules and make an agenda with the purpose of taking steps towards development. However, Rio+20 conference is really important since the development goals established in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2000 had stablished 2015 as the year in which the eight goals implemented needed to be achieved. Although there are still three years to accomplish those three goals it is valuable to set new ones that can adapt better to the current problems. In addition it is a great space to observe and analyze the improvements in terms of development but also to see what still needs to get done. Some of the aspects that had higher propriety were social and economic improvement that can affect the environment.

  2. The MDG had good intentions but their expectations were way out of reach for the world. It is clear that many of the goals will not be reached by the 2015 deadline. Does that mean the goals were a bad idea? No, but there is danger it setting too high of expectations and failing considerably. The goals should be adapted to specific areas. Specific areas should have quasi goals of the overall goal. If anything, the measurements and the breadth of what the goals are asking for should be sifted out, defined more explicitly and made reachable.

  3. I think that the MDGs were a huge step in getting the world to improve. Even if the goals aren’t achieved, individual nations now can see what they need to do. There has been improvement in some ways. We can’t demand perfection but we can demand improvement. Especially with the content of the Millenium Development Goals. I think they have provided the first step on a new path to development that other organizations can follow.

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