Laurence Pope Appointed to Envoy Post in Libya –

An experienced diplomat is tapped for Libya in a signal of its importance and something else more troubling relating to the State Department’s depth in this part of the world:

The decision to recall Mr. Pope from retirement also reflects the fact that there is a shortage of senior Arabists in the State Department. In 31 years as a diplomat, Mr. Pope served as the ambassador to Chad and as the political adviser to Gen. Anthony C. Zinni, the head of the Central Command, the American military headquarters that oversees operations in the Middle East.

via Laurence Pope Appointed to Envoy Post in Libya –


One thought on “Laurence Pope Appointed to Envoy Post in Libya –”

  1. Anyone studying Arabic? It looks like you have positive job prospects already waiting for you. It is apparent that the U.S. is in need of more diplomats with ability and experience in the Middle East. This weakness has arrived at the worst time, too.

    Currently, the U.S. is in a unique and difficult position. As they try to determine who was responsible for last month’s death of Ambassador Chris Stevens, the U.S. is forced to decide how much risk they are going to take. Should our nation play nice or should we play hard and risk important relationships in the Middle East? With the appointment of Laurence Pope, it seems as though all are preparing to fight. The U.S. deployment of Special Forces in Africa preparing to strike Libya and Mali show that the U.S. intends to find who in Al-Qaida is responsible and then take the necessary action against them. The U.S. may appear to be playing it nice now, but preparations for action are apparent to all.

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