Roy Bates, Founder of Sealand, Dies at 91 –

Should we add “Sealand“–really just a microstate–to the list of UN member states?

Members of the Bates family still claim dynastic dominion over what they call the Principality of Sealand, a rudimentary platform of concrete and steel rising out of the water seven miles southeast of the main British island. And they are looking to expand the royal family.

Even if you never get the chance to visit — the trip requires a helicopter ride or a willingness to be hoisted by crane from a boat — you, too, can join the royal court of one of the world’s most enduring and entrepreneurial micronations.

via Roy Bates, Founder of Sealand, Dies at 91 –


One thought on “Roy Bates, Founder of Sealand, Dies at 91 –”

  1. Establishing your own micro-nation sounds like a lofty and daunting task. But according to this article by the Foreign Policy online magazine, founding your own country can be done in 4 “easy” steps(! Now that the Kennedy Center has successfully been recognized as an NGO, maybe it should consider the next step…micro-nation status!

    Otherwise though, I find it interesting that so many micro-nations claim to exist across the world, yet not many seem to be recognized. Even Sealand seems to struggle for international recognition. Should we allow these kind of entities to exist? Should we humor them really? Honestly, I see nothing wrong with it — but I think they need to have some economic niche or some other good/service to contribute to the world economy. If WikiLeaks were to move its servers to Sealand, I think they could have a legitimate claim as a country in our world. But I myself would struggle to find a place in this world if I did not have something with which I could identify myself — and I think the same principle applies to the establishment of a country: it needs to have a reason to exist.

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