In Honduras, Deaths Make U.S. Rethink Drug War –

Its not just the drug problem.  In response to Honduran foreign ministers’s request for help from the US on “investigation, impunity, organized crime and corruption” a stark realization that severe (even illegal) tactics will only make matter worse:

The challenge is dizzying, and the new plan, according to a recent draft shown to The New York Times, is more aspirational than anything aimed at combating drugs and impunity in Mexico, or Colombia before that. It includes not just boats and helicopters, but also broad restructuring: several new investigative entities, an expanded vetting program for the police, more power for prosecutors, and a network of safe houses for witnesses.

Officials from both countries have often failed to fully grasp the weakness of the Honduran institutions deployed to turn the country around. But the need to act is obvious. The country’s homicide rate is among the highest in the world, and corruption has chewed through government from top to bottom.

via In Honduras, Deaths Make U.S. Rethink Drug War –


One thought on “In Honduras, Deaths Make U.S. Rethink Drug War –”

  1. In March of this year “the U.S. general who commands military forces in North America testified before a Senate committee last week that, while the “decapitation strategy” has succeeded in killing some of Mexico’s major drug figures, it “has not had an appreciable effect” in thwarting the drug trade.” (
    The drug war it is something more complex that many think. The drug dealers are always changing location, leaders, and members; which it makes it hard to put an end to such issue. The focus of the US to end with drug war started in Mexico, them Colombia, and now in Honduras. It is a hard war to fight because it involves many other countries in latin american and even the US.

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