Libya Insists on Trying Qaddafi Son –

Where should Qadaffi’s son be tried, in Libya or at Den Haag?

Libyan authorities insist that the two men, Seif al-Islam el-Qaddafi, and the former intelligence chief, Abdullah el-Senussi, must be tried in their own country by Libyan judges.A team of 12 investigators is collecting evidence against Mr. Qaddafi, including crimes like murder, torture, indiscriminant violence against demonstrators and recruiting mercenaries from Pakistan, lawyers for Libya told the panel of judges.

They said he might be tried jointly with Mr. Senussi.Judges at the International Criminal Court indicted the two men and signed their arrest warrants last year after the United Nations Security Council sent a request to the court to investigate reports of Libyan atrocities.

via Libya Insists on Trying Qaddafi Son –


One thought on “Libya Insists on Trying Qaddafi Son –”

  1. War ravished nations do not always make the best judicial decisions. Of the 900 germans accused by the allies as war criminals, only 12 were actually brought before the german supreme court. Six were acquitted, and the other six were pardoned for all crimes within a few years. Now the German Supreme Court may have been overly kind, but the Libyans will have the opposite effect. It would be like trying King George III in an American court in1787. Sure, we had a government, but it had hardly stabilized. Moreover the people’s passion may have swayed away chance of a fair trial. Despite whatever failures the ICC can have, they should at least be able to decide the sentencing if not the verdict.

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