Mexican Navy Says It Killed Ruthless Gang Kingpin –

The Zetas appear to be losing ground against Mexican governmental groups:

Mr. Lazcano deserted more than a decade ago from an elite Mexican Army unit. Along with other former special forces operatives from Mexico and Guatemala, he founded, trained and recruited armed men to serve as enforcers for the powerful Gulf Cartel.

The Zetas split off on their own two years ago and have fought their former allies and the Sinaloa Cartel, run by the drug lord Joaquín Guzmán, known as El Chapo, or Shorty, who is wanted as badly here as Osama bin Laden once was by the United States.

Lately, security analysts have reported that the Zetas themselves are fracturing into at least two groups, and Mr. Lazcano’s death, along with the recent captures of other top Zeta leaders, will probably sow even more confusion and violence among the ranks. In the scramble, Zeta leaders are believed to be turning on one another through executions and providing tips to law enforcement. Another Mexican Navy operation against the Zetas on Sunday, in Nuevo Laredo, led to the capture of a man whom the authorities said was the gang’s regional leader in three border states.

via Mexican Navy Says It Killed Ruthless Gang Kingpin –


3 thoughts on “Mexican Navy Says It Killed Ruthless Gang Kingpin –”

  1. This is an exciting article that is a big step for the Mexican government and the fight against the drug Cartel. I think progress that has been made in this front is fantastic and that we need to continue to pursue these ends. As i read the number one question is what does this mean for the cartel as a whole. This reminded me of when Osama had been killed the question was is it the end? I think that the cartel gave their answer loud and clear as they stole back the body of Heriberto Lazcano. In the same way that Al-Qaeda did not end the cartel will not end we can only continue to pressure the cartel and try our best to keep them under control.

  2. This article is great news for a country that has been struggling to combat gang and cartel violence for many years. However, this victory will be more of a symbolic one than a signal of success. The fact that the body was stolen in this moment of optimism shows how much farther the Mexican government has to go in order to make significant changes. This article provides an interesting perception on the situation, and notes how Lazcano was also rumored to be dead in 2011 during a firefight in Matmamoros, and later rumors flew that he was terminally ill with cancer. This could mean that this man’s death doesn’t mean much to the modern Zeta movement, but it is a heartening story in a bleak topic.

  3. It is nice to have one less drug Lord running around, but for a nation that provides 80% of America’s Meth, Most Cocaine and a large portion of Heroine, let’s be honest, we have so very far to go. I think the worst part is that these drug cartels are often more efficient of knowing where other drug lords will be than any of the governmental intel factions, American trained or otherwise. La Barbie, a famous drug lord with at least some morals but still as ruthless as any, proves that Mexico is becoming the war zone of drug lords more and more each day. I made the mistake of searching for images of some of the executions these men receive, and it was the most shocking thing I have ever seen. We really have no idea how bad this struggle really is here in America.

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