Bo Xilai’s Former Wife Reveals Paranoid Side of a Once-Powerful Chinese Family –

Get me Kenneth Branagh:

The Bo saga has already shown that the rise and fall of a politician in China can hinge as much on family intrigue as on political battles.

In dynastic eras, palace upheavals were often catalyzed by paranoia and jealousies within the imperial family. From Qin Shihuang, the first emperor, to the Empress Dowager Cixi to Mao Zedong, China’s rulers have tended to suspect conspiracies against them and their close kin and have looked for assassins in the shadows. The same fears can arise within aristocratic Communist families today, especially among those vying for leadership positions.

Until his downfall, Mr. Bo was considered a contender for a top post during the handover of power that is taking place this autumn. But those hopes were dashed last spring when he was detained

via Bo Xilai’s Former Wife Reveals Paranoid Side of a Once-Powerful Chinese Family –


3 thoughts on “Bo Xilai’s Former Wife Reveals Paranoid Side of a Once-Powerful Chinese Family –”

  1. “Marcellus: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

    This was a fascinating article to read not only because of the insider view it gives of Chinese politics but because the story is so fantastical and indeed ‘Star Wars-esque.’ Just think of the similarities, initially, there is romantic involvement followed by a man with a vision for a future where “[they] believed [they] needed to save the rest of the world.” Then after a time, the man becomes disinterested and leaves his wife. After the separation, a child is born who will eventually come to challenge the authority of the father. I wonder how the American public would react if one of our political elite were utterly disgraced and thrown from the party before being charged with multiple counts of criminal charges? Would the current political status quo in America be upstaged?

    “Claudio: O, what men dare do! What men may do! What men daily do, not knowing what they do!”

    This article provides a second unique look into the family of Bo Xilai as his son, Bo Guagua, defends him against railing accusations.

  2. I knew someone could make money off of this crazed and corrupt situation. And I agree, Matthew, someone has made a fortune.

    Jokes aside, this situation is so unusual and unfortunate. Personally, I find it nearly unbelievable as an American. Despite calls claiming that the US has become corrupt, true corruption can be seen by all in China. As hearings begin, China will be granted a great opportunity to fight against corruption that has existed in its political system for too long. With the power of China and their financial holdings, this corruption has threatened China’s relationships with others.
    Today, now that this recent story has been exposed, China can provide a better image of themselves if they take actions against all corruption within their bureaucracy. We will wait and see what they say and do to try to convince the world that they can be trusted.

    The following article from the Huff provides interesting information on what China is doing now in response to this uproar.

  3. I agree that this shows a lot of corruption in China. It is hard to believe that is actually exists. I am not going to lie but I really was not following who was who in the article. To me it just sounded like a huge real life soap opera. I like the beginning where the author compared it with Shakespeare. I am sure it is hard to run a party and run a country as big and powerful as China when some of your loyal supporters are going through these type of things.
    Here is an article that continues about the court hearings of the family.

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