Iran Close to Making a Bomb, Netanyahu Says –


Netanyahu steps it up at the UN:

In his speech at the annual General Assembly, Mr. Netanyahu dramatically illustrated his intention to shut down Iran’s nuclear program by drawing a red line through a cartoonish diagram of a bomb. But the substance of his speech suggested a softening of what had been a difficult dispute with the Obama administration on how to confront Iran over its nuclear program.

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10 thoughts on “Iran Close to Making a Bomb, Netanyahu Says –”

  1. I almost didn’t believe my eyes when I saw the picture of Netanyahu holding up the cartoon bomb as a visual aid to the GA. The Twitter reaction looks to have been similar ( But one of the tweets makes a lot of sense–wasn’t the whole purpose of this to get our attention? It may have appeared childish or unbecoming of a head of state, but it was effective. To Netanyahu, the issue is simple: Iran is building a nuclear bomb, it’s almost ready, and something needs to be done to prevent them from crossing the goal line. This is the kind of simplicity with which he approached the GA. The red line has been drawn. Literally. Obama wouldn’t do it, so Netanyahu did. Whether the rest of the world likes it or not, Israel’s stance is 100% transparent now. It will be interesting to see how the international community responds.

  2. In the article, it states that Iran keeps saying it is producing a nuclear program for peaceful actions. I admit to not knowing a lot about nuclear energy and what not, but what peaceful actions can a state do with nuclear energy? I think Netanyahu did the right thing in drawing a literal red line. This publicity showed the world just how serious Israel is taking their national security. We know what Israel is waiting for as Iran continues its program. I think Obama should be more aggressive in the Israel-Iran conflict. If he wants to go diplomatically, then sanctions should happen right away. If sanctions do not work, he should seriously consider working with Israel and other nations in a coalition to threaten Iran militarily to stop their program.
    Here is CNN’s take on the situation.

    1. As far as what they could do with nuclear power, they could do what the US and many other countries do, and that is use it as an energy source. We’ve all seen the nuclear reactor plants with the big silos with steam coming out the top. They produce energy, just like a hydroelectric dam or the big white windmills in Spanish Fork, that we use to power our homes. When the tsunamis hit Japan, some of their nuclear reactors got destroyed which caused an environmental catastrophe cause those chemicals were released uncontrolled into the air.
      I thought it was interesting how Netanyahu pushed back the deadline for action against Iran, most likely hoping to appeal to powers such as the US. Noone wants to get involved and make a move now. They want to play it out and see if it can be stopped peacefully.

  3. This news report from CBS, talks about how close Iran may be from the final stages of nuclear enrichment. I find it curious how all the world is waiting around to see what happens next. The Obama administration insists that the US will only step in when they start to actually building a bomb. But I wonder, how can they tell? I agree with Mr. Netanyahu that some urgent measures must be taken to prevent the culmination of something that may be too disastrous to contain after it is set off. The 2010 edition of CQ, argues how bad an idea would for Iran to build and use an atomic bomb against any country at all. However, under the fanatic and extremist religious ideas of countries ruled by people with dubious intentions, I fear that a successful attack on a main target such as the US or Israel, even if meaning self-annihilation, may sound appealing.

  4. “Netanyahu may actually have softened his position by indicating that Iran would have enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear bomb ‘by next spring, at most by next summer at current enrichment rates.’ ” ( This is a one of the area in which does not give a sense of security in relation os any future strikes or a change of position. In the article only affirms that Iran dismissed the allegations that it is seeking a nuclear weapon as “baseless and absurd”, and affirms that has much more damaging effect on Iran’s economy than previously thought.

  5. I almost think that Israel setting its own red line like this and in such a public way, is just the thing to spur Iran on even further. The Iranian response ( was one of stength, stating that whatever Israel did or threatened to do, Iran would be able to respond in kind. I feel like things are simply going to escalate there much faster with the lines drawn. Once the line is drawn, it becomes to easy to toe it.

  6. The Obama administration needs to take a stance and respond to Mr. Netanyahu. I feel this public statement was, in part to scare Iran. But Iran’s response shows that Iran will not stop their nuclear productions. This speech has almost forced the United States hand due to the ally it has to Israel:
    In this article Iran has said that they will strike a US base in the Gulf. Iran says that they will not launch an attack but will retaliate if Israel strikes.

  7. This public display may spur Iran further but at the same time how would doing nothing hold them back?. For Israel this is a crisis and Iran’s opinion is one they don’t really care about. Netanyahu seems to have changed to a policy of building international support so when the time does come (after the US election…). Netanyahu won’t have alienated the countries he will need to go after Iran.

    1. I agree. To put it clearly, a teacher of mine in High School said, concerning all conflicts involving Israel, “The only way to solve these issues is for God to come down and solve them himself.” That hasn’t happened, as far as I know, so the only thing that we can do is to prevent the inevitable as much as possible. Israel’s address to the GA wasn’t only to the US, but for all nations to recognize.

  8. Netanyahu and Obama have had a rough month. Iran is clearly underway in refining uranium – Iran claims for the start of its alternative energy project. (Makes sense for a country in the most oil rich region of the world to have an alternate energy project underway…) This past week in the U.N. things have been interesting to say the least. Obama finally addressed the matter (though not to the extent that many politicians and Israelis would have hoped) at the U.N. in front of the G.A., “Make no mistake: a nuclear-armed Iran is not a challenge that can be contained,” Mr. Obama said. This is perhaps the most important issue facing the U.N. this year. Obama has gone about making change in a “more diplomatic” fashion, initially attempting to send diplomats to Tehran. No such luck.

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