CNN Defends Reporting On Slain Ambassador’s Diary : NPR

Was CNN honoring its agreement to respect the private journal of Ambassador Stevens?  The story continues to boil.

CNN is defending itself against accusations from the U.S. State Department that it trampled on the wishes of the family of the slain U.S. ambassador to Libya in reporting on his fears of a terrorist attack before his death.

The criticism stemmed from CNN’s discovery and use of the late Chris Stevens’ personal journal to pursue its reporting about his concerns over security in Benghazi, Libya. A top State Department official, Philippe Reines, called CNN’s actions “indefensible” and “disgusting,” saying the network had broken its promises to the dead ambassador’s family.

But Mark Whitaker, CNN Worldwide managing editor and executive vice president, said the network carefully balanced empathy for the family with the public’s right to know about a terrible crime committed against an American official.

via CNN Defends Reporting On Slain Ambassador’s Diary : NPR.


One thought on “CNN Defends Reporting On Slain Ambassador’s Diary : NPR”

  1. Freedom of speech, from what I’ve observed in US history and government studies, is simple in doctrine but complex when carried out, particularly when the press becomes involved. I think it was wrong of CNN to publish portions of the diary in the view that it went against an agreement with the ambassador’s family. However, I recognize the press’s right to free speech in letting the public know about the ambassador’s concerns for his safety. This is case of who’s free speech is more free. It’ll be interesting to see if any legal action is taken, but I have a feeling that the press may eventually win in the end.

    Also interesting to note amid conflicts in free speech (notably the former US special forces member’s book about the raid that killed bin Laden and the anti-Islam video that sparked violence against American embassies in the Middle East) that Obama in his speech to the General Assembly on September 25, 2012, placed so much emphasis on free speech in alignment with democracy, especially in a world where so many nations do not feel the same way (

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