Take the FP Survey – What are your views on the UN?











  • What is the UN’s biggest obstacle preventing it from being more effective?
  • What UN departments would you eliminate?
  • How would you rate Ban Ki-moon’s performance as secretary-general?
  • Should the UN recognize Palestine as a full UN member state?

The FP Survey: The United Nations | Foreign Policy.


2 thoughts on “Take the FP Survey – What are your views on the UN?”

  1. If I could choose a topic to participate in for a session of an MUN simulation, I would definitely choose UN reform. It is so necessary given the drastic changes in not only balance of power since the post-World-War-II era, but in important issues as well as breadth due to globalization. However, it would be extremely difficult for a multi-national body to agree to so much change, particularly if it attempts to shift power from some nations onto others.

    I’d have to agree with the experts of foreign policy on several parts of the survey. Security Council is in serious need of adjusting, given that France and Britain, both part of the Permanent 5 members with veto power, are not as powerful as they were seventy years ago. Since then, several nations have rose up to, or past, the prestige of some European nations, such as India, Brazil, and Japan, popular candidates for Security Council P5 membership. Also, the veto power, though it does grant extra power to these nations, does well to safeguard extreme or unwise action, and I do not feel that it should yet be eradicated, though it has proven frustrating for issues such as the conflict in Syria, where both Russia and China used their veto on proposed action.

    Inevitably, it is member nations not being in agreement that prevent the UN from being effective all of the time. But I feel that is the point of the UN, to represent each nation, not to be an efficient legislative body, otherwise it wouldn’t grant membership to so many diverse nations.


  2. I would definitely have to agree that the UN needs some serious reform. My political science professor makes fun of the UN’s ineffectiveness at least once a week and most people that I talk to who have any knowledge of the UN agree that it is far from being as productive and effective as it could be. I think the UN has the potential to be a great influence on the world but it does need some changes, especially regarding the Security Council as many others believe as well.


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