Diplomatic Courier’s Top 99 Under 33

Want to make a difference while you are young? These examples will give you a dose of inspiration and hope for what is possible:

This year the selection committee introduced a new framework and methodology based on seven leadership archetypes that reflects our refined concept of what it will take to tackle critical global challenges in the future. While most of the versatile “99’ers” we selected exhibit several of these qualities, we mapped each person to one of these categories.

  • A Catalyst is from a field not typically associated with foreign policy who has had an impact on international affairs.
  • A Convener brings people together in creative ways to address a pressing international issue or enhance the foreign policy community.
  • An Influencer mobilizes people in the foreign policy community with bold new ideas.
  • An Innovator designs a new solution to a critical global challenge.
  • A Practitioner changes foreign policy from the inside through extraordinary professionalism and skill.
  • A Risk-taker takes a chance and sees it pay off.
  • A Shaper changes the public discourse on an aspect of foreign policy or raises awareness on a critical issue.

via Top 99 Under 33.


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