Michelle Obama’s Political Dream Speech

A compelling and technically pitch perfect speech by President Obama’s number one supporter.  John Dickerson explains why:

If the speech is effective beyond the power of well delivered rhetoric, it will be because the first lady took this description of Obama’s core self and linked it to policy. This is what Ann Romney and Mitt Romney never did. The message of the GOP convention was “Trust Mitt.” That was Michelle Obama’s message too: Her husband could be trusted because he came from a humble background and has lived a middle class life. But then she started connecting the biography to the policy. This was always Bill Clinton’s great gift. If this connection is successfully made, then that’s what will make this pitch worth more politically than just a pretty speech by a loving wife who thinks her husband deserves an A for effort.

via Michelle Obama’s speech tied Barack Obama’s personal story to the way he governs as president. – Slate Magazine.

Not everyone was bowled over, but even Jonah Goldberg at NRO admitted its strength as a “political speech” that “did nearly everything she needed it to do.”


One thought on “Michelle Obama’s Political Dream Speech”

  1. Michele Obama’s speech is very well tailored to touch the average American. It is full of heart-felt stories about their upbringing and well tied to how these stories translate to Barack Obama’s competency on running the country. I agree with the comment made above, and believe she did a great job. In my opinion, the Obamas come across as a more approachable, down to earth people. Although an exhausted comment, I too believe that Romney could use some more humanizing.

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