The seven deadly sins of mediation | Turtle Bay

Think you have a tough job? Try Lakhdar Brahimi who is the UN’s new guy for Syria.  His predecessor was Kofi Annan, as in former Sec Gen, who quit after failing to see progress from the Syrian government in keeping promises.

Brahimi wrote a paper that Colum Lynch reports on in, giving a few tips for would-be mediators. We hope they work:

“Each conflict is unique but at the same time, based on bitter personal experience in the management of several political processes and close observation of the work of others, there do appear to be certain recurrent traps that materialize in many different situations, across the spectrum of crisis response, and regardless if the mediator is operating with a small team or heading an operation comprised of thousands of personnel,” Brahimi and Amhed write. “Seven of the traps can be fatal to the ability of an SRSG [Special Representative of the Secretary General] or other international mediators … to conduct the political role effectively.”

via The seven deadly sins of mediation | Turtle Bay.


One thought on “The seven deadly sins of mediation | Turtle Bay”

  1. After reading Brahimi’s actual paper, he sticks very closely to keeping both inpartiality and arrogance within the paper. He never mentions a specific country having violated or causing to fail the peace talks, and his examples are vague to the point that it is nigh impossible to tell where he learned them. Well, he definitely has experience and is likely the most qualified diplomat available to mediate these peace talks. Rough job, tough guy. We’ll see.

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