The Ryan Record and the Ryan Speech –

More to come grading the Republican speechifying–but here Douthat parses what the rhetoric behind Ryan’s speech means, in his view:

Ryan is a practical and highly-ambitious politician, not some starry-eyed policy idealist, and conservatives tempted to hero-worship him need to recognize the ease with which the necessary compromises of politics can shade into something more corrosive.

What we’re watching in this campaign could be Paul Ryan taking the steps required to bring his ideas to fruition. Or it could be Paul Ryan taking the steps required to help his party and his political career, while compromising his best reform ideas more profoundly than he should. But this is something that can’t be settled at a political convention, or in the heat of a campaign. We’ll have to wait and see if Romney-Ryan wins, in which case the proof will be in the policy.

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2 thoughts on “The Ryan Record and the Ryan Speech –”

  1. In the last month there has been a lot said about Paul Ryan and his “ambitious” and “bold” policy prescriptions. The author of this article states that Paul Ryan “deserves substantial credit for pushing his party toward substance.” However, I have a fairly cynical view of Ryan’s policy beliefs. I do not believe that a budget proposed by a Republican that has massive cuts to social spending, large tax cuts for the more affluent, and increased military spending can be considered anything but partisan. Moreover, I understand that Ryan’s budget is designed to cut the deficit, but I fail to see how you can do that by cutting taxes.

    Here’s a link from Paul Krugman (Nobel-prize winning economist from the NYTimes) that talks about Ryan’s budget plan:

  2. I agree that not all of Ryan’s policies seem particularly credible, but I think that a combination of certain aspects of Ryan’s beliefs and Romney’s could potentially work should they win the election. What bothers me most about Ryan’s speech, however, was his clear lack of fact-checking prior to delivering the speech. In a society where the media scrutinizes any tiny mistake made my a politician, he should have known better to make sure his speech was accurate in every way.

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