Ambassador Jack Pritchard’s 13 Leadership Principles

Time to recognize a real American hero who stood up to both Kim Jong Il as well as John Bolton (in departmental in-fighting).

The Korean Economic Institute will bid farewell to former Ambassador Jack Pritchard, a distinguished  former U.S. diplomat who worked in both the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations and understands the Koreas.  He served as the deputy chief negotiator for the Four party Peace Talks and is a former U.S. Army officer.

He offered 13 leadership principles, modeled on Colin Powell’s idea that you need to keep your core principles at hand in the hard work of training leaders:

  1. Listen;
  2. Articulate your vision;
  3. Commit to the personal and professional development of all subordinates;
  4. Loyalty is a two-way proposition: you can’t expect it if you don’t show it;
  5. Value character above skill; you can teach skill, you cannot teach character;
  6. Emphasize and encourage Team Work: the organization is not better served by the best qualified people who do not work well together;
  7. Push creativity over business as usual;
  8. Give responsibility, but require accountability;
  9. Publicly praise good performance; downplay reflected praise;
  10. Encourage use of an Open Door policy: turn full attention to any subordinate when they come in – announced or unannounced – if at all possible.  They are your number one priority at that moment;
  11. Lead by example:  take physical ownership of office facilities – water the plants, clean the carpet, arrange the furniture.  Knowing your attention to detail inspires ownership in others;
  12. Be on time to meetings: respect others’ time;
  13. Seek to rehabilitate sub-standard performers in a positive way before seeking remedies with negative consequences.

via A Farewell Message from KEI President Jack Pritchard | The Peninsula.


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