Dominic Tierney – The Rise of UN Derangement Syndrome

Concerns over ratifying the UN Law of the Sea Treaty?  We have found a name for it:

Worryingly, UN Derangement Syndrome has infected some wider elements of American conservatism. Dick Morris argued that a plot to create “one world government” is “happening.” Donald Rumsfeld wrote in his memoirs that the Law of the Sea: “would put all natural resources found in the seabeds of international waters … into the hands of what was ominously called the International Seabed Authority.” If the Senate ratifies the treaty, Stephen Groves wrote, the U.S. Treasury will be “raided for billions of dollars,” which will then be “redistributed to the rest of the world by an international bureaucracy.”

Twenty-seven Republican senators signed a letter opposing ratification of the treaty — just seven votes short of enough to block passage. They say that the treaty would undermine U.S. “maritime security,” redistribute wealth “from developed to undeveloped nations,” create “environmental regulation over virtually all sources of pollution,” and surrender American sovereignty to a “supranational government.”Its a terrifying vision — but, fortunately, its largely the product of overheated imagination. Consider the broad coalition that backs the Law of the Sea, and you might be reassured that its not as scary as its critics portray it to be.

Supporters include our national allies and the Democratic Party. The U.S. Navy strongly supports the treaty, which it says will enshrine rights of navigation and protect national security. Every major U.S. industry that works in the ocean is in favor, including shipping, fishing, telecommunications, and energy companies, because legal certainty will make it much easier for them to invest millions of dollars in offshore enterprises. And much of the Republican Party backs the treaty, including George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Richard Lugar, Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, James Baker, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice.

via International – Dominic Tierney – The Rise of UN Derangement Syndrome – The Atlantic.


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