Booklist | What to Read on Global Policy Analysis” in IR via Stephen M. Walt

Walt’s crowdsourcing a reading list–but also identifying the gap in goodreads for global policy analysis.  He also explains why process matters so much for international policymaking, and the importance of implementation via diplomacy and military power:

In global affairs, by contrast, the rule of law is far weaker and there are often competing power centers with very different interests. Strategic interactions loom much larger, and the success of a given policy choice often depends not just on the intrinsic merits of the specific initiative but on how other key actors will respond to it. (Among other things, this is why simple game theoretic models are often useful for analyzing certain international policy problems). To the extent that the issues are truly global, the correct policy choice depends far more on bargaining, persuasion, in some cases coercion, and on developing solutions that either elicit others’ voluntary compliance or achieve the objective in the face of opposition. Such features are not entirely absent in domestic policy discussions, but they play a larger role in interactions between states, corporations, and non-state actors operating in the anarchic world of international politics.

via Is There a Good Book or Article on “Policy Analysis” in IR? | Stephen M. Walt.

Some of the commenter suggestions are worth considering:

  • Maarten Hajer’s article, “Policy without Polity: policy analysis and the institutional void”
  • John Mearsheimer, Why Leaders Lie
  • Dan Drezner, All Politics is Global; Avoiding Trivia
  • Being useful: policy relevance and international relations
  • Managing Strategic Surprise, Ian Bremmer and Paul Bracken, eds.
  • Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, The Practioneer’s Game
  • Bob Jervis, Why Intelligence Fails
  • Policy analysis papers from Bernard Brodie, Tom Schelling and Raymond Garthoff
  • Graham Allison and Zelikow, Essence of Decision
  • Jeffrey Pfeffer, Managing with Power: Politics and Influence in Organizations
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