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The series of LBJ’s remarkable life as political force of nature–part Darth Vader, part Mr. Smith–is a compelling study in leadership for anyone with the time to wade through them all.  Michiko Kakutani reviews the latest volume:

He was a man driven by a colossal ego and a genuine sense of compassion for the powerless and the poor: a man who, in the weeks and months after the assassination, was able, in Mr. Caro’s opinion, to overcome his own weaknesses and baser instincts — not for long but “long enough” — to act in a fashion that was “a triumph not only of genius but of will.”

As he did in the third volume, “Master of the Senate,” Mr. Caro finds much to admire in the legislative ends to which Johnson used power, and he employs his insights into Johnson’s personality — his insecurities, his fear of failure, his need to ingratiate himself with those above him and dominate those below — to examine the role that character plays in politics and policy making and hence in histor

via ‘Passage of Power,’ 4th Book of Caro’s Johnson Portrait –

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