Following the Crisis in Syria

Who are best sources to use if you want to follow the latest revolution in Syria?

  • Syria Comment by Joshua Landis, University of Oklahoma with some of the most current and important ideas.  See also his Amazon reading list on Syria.
  • The Syria Page by Camille Otrakji includes a number of articles on the current situation
  • Marc Lynch, also known as Abu Aardvark on cover’s the Middle East widely but is a must read source for broader information–and Syria is definitely well covered in his posts.
  • Nir Rosen on Al Jazeera is a journalist who has had a rocky career recently–but appears to be getting back to his on-the-ground roots.  His early work on Iraq (from Iraq) mirrors his recent reporting on Syria (from Syria).
  • Beyond the Fall of Syria from The Middle East Research and Information Project

Who to Follow on Twitter?

Twitter is a great resources and so far the only list I can find that suggests who to follow is Social Media Chimps.  (Checking the Twitter account of people listed above, including for lists focusing on Syria, would be the next best bet.

Keep in mind that Syria is not Libya, nor is it Egypt.  As Steven Cook of CFR astutely observes:

I’ve been struck by the way in which proponents and opponents of intervention have used precisely the same evidence to marshal support for their claims.  For example, Moscow’s support for the Assads is leveraged in a way both to suggest that only force can stop the killing and  as a reason not to intervene because with the help of the Russian (and Chinese and Iranians) whatever force that is brought to bear will do little to bring Assad down while killing a lot of people.  This is not a function of muddled thinking.  (There are many very smart people who are engaged in this debate.)  Rather, we are dealing with a complex problem, with little information, faulty analogies, and fresh memories of a searing decade of violence and intervention in the Middle East.  Unlike Libya, Syria is hard.

via Syria and the Limits of Diplomacy – Steven A. Cook – International – The Atlantic.


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