Obituary | Charles Price, Important U.S Ambassador to the U.K. – Telegraph

Noting the passing of midwestern giant Charles H. Price, II, former U.S. ambassador to Britain under President Reagan:

Although Prime Minister and President formed a firm friendship, the “special relationship” was not without its problems . Mrs Thatcher had been angered by the lack of consultation before the US-led invasion of Grenada in October 1983, and by American moves to resume arms sales to Argentina after the Falklands conflict.

Also, anti-American attitudes hardened in Britain during the 1980s, principally as a result of the deployment of Cruise missiles on British soil and the bombing of Libya in 1986, when the Prime Minister allowed the Americans to fly aircraft from their British bases.

It was a tribute to Price’s diplomatic skills that he weathered these problems and was widely regarded as one of the most successful and popular American envoys of recent times. Affable and distinguished looking, he was known affectionately as “Charlie”

via Charles Price – Telegraph.


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