To Know Brazil, Read Stefan Zweig

An important literary figure in the development of a rising world power:

In a recent televised discussion of Mr. Zweig, Alcino Leite Neto, editor of the publishing house Publifolha, compared his importance in Brazil to that in the United States of Alexis de Tocqueville, the French political thinker who wrote about American concepts of liberty and equality in “Democracy in America.”

“We had Stefan Zweig,” said Mr. Leite Neto, “who left us this book advocating tolerance, comprehension between people, an indictment in favor of peace, written right during World War II.”

via Stefan Zweig, Viennese-Born Writer, Gets Fresh Look in Brazil –


One thought on “To Know Brazil, Read Stefan Zweig”

  1. Writing books really does make people immortal. It’s really intriguing that a Stefan Zweig’s writings, particularly from WWII, still have such an effect on Brazil’s current development. Also, I thought the comparison between de Tocqueville and Mr. Zweig was an interesting connection because it emphasized the extent to which Zweig has had an impact on Brazil. In my opinion, Cory was right to name this post “To Know Brazil, Read Stefan Zweig” because Zweig seems to have been a critical element of what has made Brazil the place it is today.

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