U.S. Group Offered to Aid Qaddafi, Documents Show – NYTimes.com

Not the first embarrassing leaked detail of someone choosing the wrong side–nor is it entirely surprising.  But still, an “oops”–

Now the confidential documents describing the proposed deal have surfaced on the Internet, offering a glimpse of how some saw lucrative possibilities in the power struggle that would end Colonel Qaddafi’s erratic reign. A Facebook page called WikiLeaks Libya has made public scores of documents apparently found in Libyan government offices after the Qaddafi government fell.The papers contained a shock for the Americans: a three-page letter addressed to Colonel Qaddafi on April 17 by another partner in the proposed deal, a Belgian named Dirk Borgers. Rather than suggesting a way out of power, Mr. Borgers offered the Libyan dictator the lobbying services of what he called the “American Action Group” to outmaneuver the rebels and win United States government support.

via U.S. Group Offered to Aid Qaddafi, Documents Show – NYTimes.com.

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2 thoughts on “U.S. Group Offered to Aid Qaddafi, Documents Show – NYTimes.com

  1. cecillyrose says:

    It will be interesting to see how Libya’s interactions with the U.S. will BE now, especially as they are trying to build a national army and gain legitimacy with the structuring of a new government. I’m sure as they struggle through this time, many more surprising truths will come to light.


    It’s hard to watch this country struggle to build an army. Really, they have a long ways to go, in a way we can’t imagine. When the U.S. was building it’s army, we didn’t have now-modern-day technology like cell phones and facebook to distract us. So, as the army builds, more events like the wikileaks Libya are sure to surface. Controlling such social interactions is very difficulty, especially for a country trying to stop its citizens from killing each other.

  2. emearnshaw says:

    I think it is important to look at the situation, background, and intent surrounding each individuals before implicating any of the Americans noted in this letter. If you continue reading the article, Mr Livingston makes a reasonable argument for the need to provide an exit strategy for the Quaddafi family. They claim they were not trying to help save Quadaffi but to end the blood bath in Libya by removing the dictator as soon as possible. If this really is the case than it is actually an admirable thing that Americans would be working on this.

    I think this is an example of how often the media twists events into headlines that will sell. Their goal is not to inform the public; their goal is to get the publics business. And, as a result of this goal, the news that we tend to get is skewed in a negative (tragedy sells better than rainbows) and dramatic way.

    more on the quaddafi letter:

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