Grade the Republican Foreign Policy Debate

What’s your assessment of the Republican primary field on issues of war and peace?

The NYT reported on Perry’s “provocative suggestions” and Huntsman took on Romney for what the former U.S. Ambassador to China said would be a trade war. Bachman screams bias at the reliable boogeyman, CBS.

Rick Perry tried to get a joke in about his infamous “oops” moment, while Jon Huntsman supported a full withdrawal from Afghanistan. Watch video of the best moments from the foreign-policy debate. Plus, Bruce Riedel, Michelle Goldberg, and more Daily Beast contributors weigh in.

via Watch CBS News/National Journal Republican Debates Best Moments Video – The Daily Beast.

One interesting result is documented in Nate Silver’s data-rich blog, FiveThirtyEight where he shows that Mitt is sagging and Gingrich rising while everyone else appears to be holding steady and low.


5 thoughts on “Grade the Republican Foreign Policy Debate”

  1. The more I watch the republican party’s race for the white house in 2012, the more displeased I am with those candidate in the running. Rick Perry’s blunder in the most recent debate put the last nail in his campaign’s coffin in my opinion. It was a great example of why he has fallen in the polls.

    I’m also interested by John Huntsman’s comments about bringing the troops home. It sounds an awful lot like President Obama’s plan. In his initial response Huntsman made it sound like he wanted a complete withdrawal of the troops and then when asked again he changed his answer slightly to save room for some troops to remain. Check out Obama’s plan at the link below.

  2. One of the major things that struck me while seeing this debate was Rick Perry’s proposed policy of eliminating all foreign aid to nations that didn’t prove to be “worthy” of our money. I don’t believe that this is the right policy to take at all, and not one that many Americans would be in favor of neither. Even though the U.S.’s policy of giving foreign aid needs some reform, a measure so drastic is not in order. Our foreign aid budget is just a tiny sliver of the budget, and we should focus on other areas in order to eliminate the debt. And the money that we put into foreign aid certainly is needed in the countries that need it. If we were to eliminate it, it would only serve to hurt the already negative opinion many countries in the world have of us. So instead of proclaiming that you will balance the budget by cutting foreign aid, focus on the other areas that really need reform such as social security and medicaid.
    Here is another’s take on this debate:

  3. Perhaps the fact that I am a democrat completely discredits my opinion, but I am disenchanted with the GOP proceedings this year. Watching the debates is somewhat like watching an SNL skit… there is always some blunder or mishap and a bad joke to look forward to. The candidate that I find most appealing, happens to be the least popular. Jon Huntsman is the strongest candidate in my opinion, albeit the most sane candidate. But that is precisely why he will not be elected. His proposal to withdraw all troops from Afganistan was an interesting one. This is a true republican move. Jon Huntsman has the most experience in the realm of international politics and is the greatest threat to Obama in my opinion. To give the debate a grade, it would be a solid C, just average. Jon Stewart takes a high entertaining approach to the campaign. I felt his best are the greatest summation of my personal feelings…

  4. I would like to agree with the previous comment. When it comes to foreign policy, I really think Jon Huntsman does the best. Aside from that, however, I find it rather interesting how much diversity of opinion there now is in regards to the GOP when it comes to foreign policy. It wasn’t that long ago in 2003 when President Bush had unanimous support in his party for his foreign policy initiatives. But today that same support wouldn’t exist. I’m glad GOP members are finally learning from their mistakes in the foreign affairs realm.

    Here is an article that grades the foreign policy debate. It is interesting to note that this particular article gives Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul the highest grades.

  5. I’d like to focus on Rick Perry for just a second. It should be known that I have no intention of voting for any of the Republican candidates. I”ll never have a chance to vote for most of them, and whoever gets the nomination will not affect my support for President Obama. That being said I think Mr. Perry’s response to his debate meltdown has been great. If I were a person who was sitting on the fence with the candidates I would be looking very seriously into voting for Rick Perry. He has shown that what is most important to him is his policy ideas, and not his persona. It is reassuring to see a politician who has a sense of humor about himself. A similar debate meltdown happened in a gubernatorial race in Arizona and now sitting Governor Jan Brewer went on the defensive immediately. I suppose, to her credit, she won still so maybe I’m totally wrong, but to me knowing that a politician is not afraid to admit he or she made a mistake or looked dumb is an important quality.

    Here’s the melt down and her response,-Goddard-spar-in-debate/

    and here is a comparison of Jan Brewer’s and Rick Perry’s debate blunders

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