Booklist | G. R. Berridge’s Reading List

Looking for holiday reading on the life of an English Consul in Smyrna circa 1667?  How about the authoritative account of the Congress of Arras in 1435?  Eurudite diplomacy scholar and emeritus Professor G.R. Berridge of the Center for the Study of Diplomacy at the University of Leicester and author of Diplomacy: Theory and Practice, 4th ed (Palgrave) offers up some oldies but goodies in the study of diplomatic history:

I list below, in categories corresponding roughly to the chapters in my textbook, books which I believe valuable to all students of diplomacy and are available via Amazon.

  • History of diplomacy
  • Ministries of Foreign Affairs
  • Diplomatic law
  • Negotiating
  • Modern bilateral diplomacy
  • Multilateral diplomacy (including the UN and summitry)
  • Mediation

via G. R. Berridge website: Recommended Reading.


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