The Queen of Bhutan’s Fashion Surge

Consider this royal wedding, for a change:

Just when everyone thought the Duchess of Cambridge had the award for most fashionable new royal of 2011 in the bag, competition has emerged from an unlikely source: Bhutan. The fashion world is rapidly developing a new royal girl-crush on 21-year-old international relations student Jetsun Pema, who became queen of the tiny Himalayan country at her wedding last month.

As with the royal wedding at Westminster Abbey in April, the bride brought style to a ceremony steeped in tradition. The wedding procession was accompanied by elephants, drumming monks and clouds of incense, but the brides wedding outfit – a traditional ankle-length wrapped dress known as a kira – was made in mustard yellow, a shade anointed as a key colour for autumn on the catwalks of both Donatella Versace and Victoria Beckham. Whats more, in having taken more than three years to weave, the craftmanship of the kira outdid even the handstitched lace gown made by seamstresses under Sarah Burtons watchful eye for Kate Middleton.

via The Queen of Bhutan sparks a surge on fashions happiness index | Fashion | The Guardian.


One thought on “The Queen of Bhutan’s Fashion Surge”

  1. It’s exciting to see different ways that countries are modernizing. I loved the idea of a “happiness indicator” that the president of Bhutan began using and claims that it is more telling of the country’s progress than its GDP. I think what a country determines as important is very telling of the things that they work toward. Recently, in the UN, Bhutan placed the politics of happiness on the agenda for discussion. The result was that the UN adopted a non-binding resolution to add happiness as a “development indicator.” It would be interesting to see how Bhutan measures its levels of happiness. In this article, with the focus on fashion, I wonder how that relates to the level of happiness in Bhutan. Does fashion increase as a result of more leisure time which has increased happiness?

    More the Bhutan brining happiness to the UN

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