Israel May Want to Attack, Palestinians May Lose UN Vote

The story that Israelis are serious about an Iranian attack seems to stay alive, even as the NYT reports that the Palestinians’ hopes at the UN may be falling.

Israeli officials would not confirm or deny multiple reports in the Israeli news media that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak were pressing for a decision on whether and when to strike a uranium enrichment facility at Natanz, the centerpiece of Iran’s known nuclear-fuel production, and related sites across the country.

via Israel Questioned on News Reports It Is Eyeing Iran Strike –


3 thoughts on “Israel May Want to Attack, Palestinians May Lose UN Vote”

  1. I think this is a very interesting article in relation to nuclear power and nuclear peace. On the one hand, you have Iran, an Arab nation close to Israel. While it is surrounded by many other Arab states, none of them are nuclear states, while Israel has had nuclear capability for several years (despite never officially admitting it.) Because of Israel’s nuclear power and the Arab size advantage the balance of power has been fair even in recent years; however, were Iran to establish a fully functional nuclear program this would cause a shift in this balance. While it is possible that Israel will take preemptive action and attack before Iran has functional nuclear weapons, it is also possible that Iran will be able to finish working on them and be in a position to threaten not only Israel, but all of the Middle East. But would this be completely bad? Throughout the Cold War, the peace was kept in large part due to the nuclear stockpiles of the USSR and the USA. While it was a tense period of time, the Middle East is already a tense region of the world. Is it possible that another country with nuclear capability could increase the stability in the region, as opposed to further destabilizing it? While I do recognize the potential for terrorist use and rogue government agents launching weapons without permission, I also believe that it is possible that nuclear proliferation in the Middle East could prove advantageous. In the following article, it talks about the possible advantages of nuclear proliferation.

    This website spoke about how the Iran government is disguising their nuclear weapons program as nuclear energy program. Also it focused on what kind of threat the Iran government possesses with their nuclear program. And it provides detailed information on the weapons possessed by the Iranese government; however, I have a difficult time finding these facts to be threatening to global peace. To the US and Israeli, Iran posses nuclear arms is a threat; however, how is that different from US having missiles positioned in various locations of the world? So it’s okay for me to have weapons but not for you? Also nuclear missiles may have destructive power but because of its destructive power as Matthew Brooks stated “the peace [is] kept in large part due to the nuclear stockpiles.” Israeli may not admit having nuclear weapons, but they do have a stockpile. And if Iran also creates nuclear missiles, it may create peace because no one wants to have a nuclear war. So I think Iran holding nuclear weapons has benefits. However, I have to agree that if somehow the terrorists do gain access to these weapons, it could cause alot trouble. But I believe this situation is unlikely.
    So I found the missile threat website to be interesting but I dont think the threat is something major. It’s seems to state that any kind of weapons held by countries held by those who aren’t allies of US is a threat, but weapons held by the US and its allies are alright.

  3. I do not think that Iran’s nuclear program is such a big threat to Israel. First, even though Iran is having a nuclear program Iran has always insisted that its nuclear program is exclusively to generate power for civilian purposes. Even if this becomes a great threat, Israel already have a nuclear power to able to destroy Iran’s nuclear program. Just like Israel stunned the world with an airstrike on an unfinished nuclear reactor in Iraq that destroyed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program in 1981. Second, since Israel is an ally to the U.S. and the U.S. has such a great nuclear power, this would likely to be a great threat to Iran more than Iran having a nuclear program.
    Sergei Lavrov, the Foreign Minister of Russia stated that “diplomacy, not missile strikes, was the only way to solve the Iranian nuclear problem.” I definitely agree with him. If they can have some sort of diplomatic conferences between Israel, Iran, and other states, in order to discuss about this problem and situation, it will be better off for many countries.

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