Globo Diplo Best Books of 2010

Here’s my shortlist for 2010:

  • Daniel Patrick Moynihan:  A Portrait in Letters of an American Visionary (Amazon) – No doubt I have admired this man for a long time, and now you can see him think in the closest thing to a masterful biography that exists.
  • The Memory Chalet (Amazon) – Even though its on my list I haven’t yet read it.  But since I require Post War for study abroaders, recommend Reappraisals for interested others, and enjoyed Ill Fares the Land as a quick insight into Tony Judt’s final thoughts on earth, this autobiography should be a good read.
  • How to Live, or A Life of Montaigne (Amazon) – Because if you need career advice, why not ask for it from the master essayist?

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