Advanced Public Speaking: How to Ace a TED Talk

So you think you’re hot stuff?  Got a catchy intro, made a clear thesis and then backed it, rounding off with a conclusion.  After the 101 level stuff you can work you way up–eventually to grad school a k a TED, the Technology, Education and Design conference in which braniacs, idealists, and stylish mavens appear as one person.

What makes for a great speech in this austere, $8,000+/person ticketed event?

One contender for the best TED talk ever came a few TEDs ago when neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor’s described her near-fatal stroke — the professional part of her brain fluctuated between detached observation and panic while the rest of her mind melted into a blurry nirvana. The talk included candid revelation, medical peril, cutting-edge science, and a bit of mysticism. If she had included solar power and African child warriors, it would have been so perfect a TED talk that there would have been no need for others.

via TED 2010: How to Ace a TED Talk | Epicenter |

And in case this point doesn’t get through, there is a new industry rising around the notion that “Talking like TED” is something that we need to learn how to do, as pointed out below:

  • Carmine Gallow writing in Forbes about 9 lessons, and his book that came of out it
  • Not to be outdone, INC offers 20 tips
  • Three tips via Business Insider on Sir Ken Robinson’s most popular TED Talk of all time
  • Lifehack summarizes all of the advice best of all here



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